Why does the library need extra funds to make the necessary improvements?

While the future of the Library system is ensured at current levels, the Library Service District does not provide enough funding to make the capital improvements needed to serve our growing community. Making these upgrades will allow the library to make the most of existing resources, operate more efficiently and serve more patrons!

How many people use the Library?

Last year, library cardholders checked out over 540,000 materials. Children's programs brought 15,000 eager participants to the library, and weekly story time continues to one of the most popular programs for little ones and their parents. In addition, adult educational programs attract a growing audience of those interested in local history, science and other timely topics.

In addition to the Main Library, 10 branches serve residents throughout Klamath County in Glichrist, Chemult, Chiloquin, Sprague River, Bly, South Suburbs, Keno, Merrill and Bonanza.

The Klamath County Library is a vibrant, dynamic member of our community, dedicated to providing free access to information, ideas and opportunities to all of our citizens.

If I don't have much to give, can I still help?

Of course!! Your gift of time and your ideas will help us achieve our goals. Volunteers are always welcome to help with special events, mailings, and other Capital Campaign envdeavors. Just call the Library at 541-882-8894 to volunteer, or email us at info@itsmylibrary.com right now to see how we can best use your talents!

Klamath County Library Foundation
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